Keynote: How Deep Learning Can Help in the Clinical Diagnosis? Create, Manage, and Deploy in the Clinical Workflow 

Dr. Hao Chen serves as the CEO at Imsight Medical Technology, a leading Medical AI startup focusing on radiology and histology image analysis. Previously he received the PhD from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and obtained the award of HKPFS in 2013. He won the Best Paper Awards in MIAR 2016 and MIA- Elsevier 2017. His research interests include medical image analysis and deep learning. He has published more than 50 papers in top-tier conferences and journals including CVPR, Radiology, JAMA, MICCAI, IPMI, MIA, TMI, NeuroImage, etc. He serves as the reviewer of a dozen of premium conferences and journals including NIPS, MIA, TMI, NeuroImage, etc. The team he led has won 16 grand challenges on medical image computing, such as GlaS Contest@2015MICCAI, LUNA Challenge@2016ISBI, etc. Currently, Imsight is one of the leading companies to deliver radiology and histology deep learning products for improving health care.

Dr. Hao will present his keynote on 17 October 2019, 13:30 – 14:30 at CLIP 2019, room PP Latour.